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Industrial cleaning

Industrial cleaning is one of the specialisations of Vitesske. It is a profession in its own right. Just like neutralising a heating oil tank, it requires a lot of craftsmanship.

Clean a tank, grease trap or silo?

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Industrial cleaning from A to Z

Vitesske safely pumps out your tanks with dangerous chemical substances, we clean your car wash pits according to environmental regulations and we clean the grease traps in your industrial kitchen or restaurant.

Industrial cleaning using the latest technologies

Small or large tank? The ADR vehicle of Vitesske stores up to 24.000 litres of fats and fluids. Our secret weapon: an ultra powerful high-pressure cleaner that loosens and soaks up every speck of dirt or grease. Is your tank, grease trap, or septic tank located in a hard-to-reach place? Vitesske will come with its mini combi vehicle that can easily reach below 1.8m.

Eco-friendly industrial cleaning

Industrial cleaning often doesn’t involve the most environmentally friendly goods. That’s why Vitesske strictly follows environmental legislation. All the waste goes directly from your company to an authorised processing centre. Afterwards, you get all necessary certificates. This is your guarantee that all cleaning processes comply with the rules and standards of the government.