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About Vitesske

From chimney sweep to drain cleaning service

In 1954, chimney sweep François Guillotte drives through the streets of Brussels. Not by car, but by bicycle. On the back, some brooms and a small storage tank. Soon, the inhabitants start calling him vitesske. Because he’s so quick to help out. So, no extensive brainstorming was needed to come up with a company name.

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Clearance service with large car park

The bicycle has been put to the side. Today, Vitesske has 10 large trucks with a storage capacity up to 24 m3, 8 small trucks, 2 pick-ups and 1 sweeper.

These numbers are not final. Vitesske continues to live up to its reputation and hurries off to wherever it is needed. That’s why the company constantly invests in new technology, new techniques, and new vehicles.

24/7 drain cleaning service

Is your toilet clogged? Odour nuisance? A clogged drain? In urgent cases, Vitesske is with you within the hour. Also at night and during the weekend.

Or do you need to empty your septic tank? Do you want to clean your cistern? Empty your grease trap? A camera inspection of your sewer? Neutralise your heating oil tank? Vitesske uses its craftsmanship in your company or your home.

Safe and ecological

Vitesske respects the strictest environmental regulations. All employees regularly attend new training courses and know how to treat pumped liquids according to the latest environmental standards. In addition, you will receive an official BIM or OVAM certificate after our intervention.